Sea Otter Dual Slalom

I managed to drive all the way down to Monterey this spring to attend Sea Otter.  I showed up with no expectations and to just hang out and shoot some photos.  This event is huge-- I had no idea just how big it really is.  I was most excited to check out the DH Finals and take advantage of finally being able to shoot all my favourite athletes from the World Cup circuit.  Little did I know that they were all competing in the Dual Slalom event as well.   I have never seen a dual slalom event and it blew my mind!  Watching world cup athletes go head to head was amazing and gave the DH race a back seat in Sea Otter for the best event. 

Every race was amazing but it came down to Jared Graves and Steve Peat in the end.  Everybody wanted "The Peoples Champion" Steve Peat to win.  As you can see by the photos of the final below it was a very close race but Jared pulled ahead right at the very end (Peat is in the red jersey, Graves in the blue).  

What an amazing race!  There will be more photos to come from Sea Otter once I return from my trip.  Now we are on to the last Post Office Jam before the jumps are flattened later this week.